SRObadge The Hall County Schools Resource Officer Program is a partnership between the school system and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.  We currently have twelve full-time deputies to help protect the students, staff, and visitors on our 37 school campuses.

All of these deputies have offices directly within our schools.  These Sheriff’s Deputies provide direct service to our schools which include campus safety inspections, classroom presentations, school investigations, student and parent conferences, along with a variety of other activities including the traditional law enforcement duties.


Hall County Schools Receives 2013 National Safe Schools Leadership Award

The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) has named the Hall County Board of Education and Superintendent Will Schofield the recipient of the 2013 Safe School Leadership Award.  The award is presented to a school system that is willing to support the continuing development of the SRO partnership through leadership, innovation, dedication and the implementation of proactive measures to enhance the safety of the school community. Only one school district in the nation receives this prestigious annual recognition. The award will be presented at the NASRO conference July 15th in Orlando, Florida.

Upon being informed of this singular recognition for student safety, Superintendent Will Schofield remarked, “‪I am thankful we have team members and a community that understands the importance of striving to ensure that our boys and girls are safe”.  Our partnership with the Hall County Sheriff’s Department that began with the launch of the SRO Program in Hall County Schools in 1998 has continued to evolve to do the utmost to ensure our student’s safety.”

School Resource Officer Contact Directory DirectoryIcon

School Name
SRO Name School Phone # Email
Cherokee Bluff High Joey Walker 770-967-0080
Cherokee Bluff Middle Stan Watson 770-967-0071
· ·    
Chestatee High Jack Brown  770-532-1162
Chestatee Middle  
 ·  ·    
East Hall High Chris Alford 770-536-9921
East Hall Middle Sam Feaster 770-531-9457
 ·  ·    
Flowery Branch High   .
Justin Lewallen
CW Davis Chris Bachelor 770-965-3020
 ·  ·    
Johnson High Sgt. Seth Day  770-536-2394
South Hall Middle Jennifer Watt 770-533-4004
 ·  ·    
North Hall High Sgt. Jeff Fleming 770-983-7331
North Hall Middle Anita Buffington 770-983-9749
 ·  ·    
West Hall High Zack Marley 770-967-9826
West Hall Middle Jeff Clark 770-967-4871
·  ·    


Emergency  Contacts

Emergency-Sheriff/Ambulance/Fire – 911
Hall County Sheriff’s Crime Tip Line – – (770-503-3232)
Hall County Sheriff’s Department – (770-531-6885)
Poison Control Center  – (800-222-1222) or (404-616-9000)
Transportation (Buses) – (770-287-0942) or (770-287-0943)
Northeast Georgia Medical Center – (770-219.9000)
Department of Family & Child Services – (770-532-5298)
Hall County Animal Control – (770-531-6830)
HCBOE Central Office – (770-534-1080)

Hall County School Safety

Other Parent and Student Resources