schoolsafetyhatThe Safety Coordinator program is designed to strengthen school safety and ensure the well being of all our students, faculty, and staff.

In cases of emergency, the Safety Coordinators assistance will be of great benefit to the principal.  The Safety Coordinator proactively would directly provide and assist with safety needs, assessments, and staff training.  During emergency or high risk situations, the Safety Coordinator will provide support to building administrators by providing a bridge between the district office and the school, as well as helping with building needs as directed.

The Safety Coordinator’s duties include the following:

1.    As a representative of the building administrator, functions as a liaison between the school, area law enforcement agencies, and fire departments.

2.    Assist district and building administrators to oversee and update district-wide and school-based emergency procedures and crisis plans, based on the unique needs of the district and school.

3.    Assist district and building administrators to develop critical incident response team plans, to include structure, training and maintenance of the program.

4.    During a crisis situation, helps to ensure the safety of students and staff.

5.    Assists with proactive approaches such as safety demonstrations / drills in classrooms or school-wide.

6.    Conducts training regarding safety and safety updates to the faculty and staff.

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